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Title: English Literature: Classics for Christians
Subject: English Literature Course Number: 20360
Suggested Grade Level: 9th–12th
Authors: Ian Anderson, et al Number of Pages: 495
Publisher: A Beka Book Publishers Academic Credit: 0.5
Copyright: 2013 (4th edition) Course Charge: None
Prerequisites: A course equivalent to World Literature is required.
Course Materials: Textbook, 2 book report books (see below), teacher's manual,* and 3 tests*
   * Item published by Christian Liberty Press
Course Description: This course provides a chronological study of English Literature from the Anglo-Saxon Period with Beowulf to Pygmalion in the Twentieth Century. English Literature includes works from famous authors such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Christopher Marlowe, Daniel Defoe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and many more. Your child will learn about literary devices such as the aside, comic relief, the kenning, the ode, the rondeau; and different literary forms such as the lyric and epic poem, the allegory, and Romantic and Victorian poetry

Book Report Books: Choose any two from the following and list them on your enrollment.

Title: Gulliver’s Travels and Other Writings (book report book)
Author: Jonathan Swift Item Number: 23704
Publisher: Bantam Dell Number of Pages: 642
Copyright: 1981 (1726)  
Description: This comprehensive collection of works uses satire throughout its stories to point out the foibles of human nature. Included in this collection are Gulliver’s Travels, A Tale of a Tub, “The Battle of the Books,” “A Modest Proposal,” “An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity,” “The Bickerstaff Papers,” and more.

Title: Great Expectations (book report book)
Author: Charles Dickens Item Number: 23703
Publisher: Bantam Dell Number of Pages: 522
Copyright: 2003 (1860-61)  
Description: Set in early Victorian England, this novel follows the life of a tiny orphaned boy named Pip as he struggles with a desire for wealth and social status, and eventually discovers his own values and priorities.

Title: Pride and Prejudice (book report book)
Author: Jane Austen Item Number: 25805
Publisher: Penguin Books Number of Pages: 435
Copyright: 2003 (1813)  
Description: Set in Britain, this light-hearted novel follows the relationship of Elizabeth Bennet, one of five sisters who must marry into a wealthy family, and her perceived-to-be arrogant and conceited suitor, Fitzwillian Darcy. Both must overcome both pride and prejudice if their relationship is ever to develop.

Title: The Screwtape Letters (book report book)
Author: C.S. Lewis Item Number: 29195
Publisher: HarperCollins Number of Pages: 209
Copyright: 1996 (1942)  
Description: This book, a treatise on the battle between good and evil, is a collection of letters from tempter Screwtape to his apprentice Wormwood on how to best cause the fall of an ordinary young man.

Title: The Portrait of a Lady (book report book)
Author: Henry James Item Number: 25795
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. Number of Pages: 477
Copyright: 2006 (1881)  
Description: This novel examines the differences between Europe and America through the life of a young American woman who moves to England and is caught in a struggle between independence and social propriety.