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Hostage Lands

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Hostage Lands is a tale about an eccentric Latin teacher named Miss Klitsa and one of her students, Neil Perkins, who lives on a farm bordering Hadrian’s Wall. He thinks Latin is useless and prefers playing practical jokes on his teacher. He also enjoys daydreaming about fearless Celtic warriors battling mighty Roman centurions. One day, Miss Klitsa taught her students about wooden writing tablets that were discovered at the nearby ruins of a Roman fort. That afternoon, while riding home on his all-terrain vehicle, he accidentally flips his quad, cutting a deep hole in the ground. Neil had unearthed an entire manuscript written on wooden tablets! Now he eagerly wants to know Latin so he can decipher the tablets, so he reluctantly tells Miss Klitsa about his discovery and hopes she will help in translating the manuscript. 

The tablets reveal an ancient story of unlawful seizure, deception, and betrayal, written by an embittered centurion named Rusticus, who served Rome at Hadrian’s Wall. He is made a pawn of an ambitious Roman officer, who nearly causes the demise of Rusticus and his men. However, Calum, a disinherited Celt chieftain’s son who had been conscripted as a Roman soldier, saves them from certain death. Thrown together, Calum and Rusticus must unravel a perplexing maze of warring alliances. Rusticus is nearly killed, taken hostage, and forced to fight a barbarian chief. Through it all, he must determine where his loyalties truly lie. Rusticus, finally disillusioned with Roman brutalities, longs for the peace that Calum spoke of in Christus. In the end, Rusticus and Calum are exiled to the hostage lands, where they become a human boundary between Rome and the warring Celtic tribes of the north. The story closes back at Northumbria with Neil Perkins beginning to examine his own life with respect to all he had discovered. (Presbyterian and Reformed)

Grade: 7th–Adult
Text: 234 pages

Author: Douglas Bond

ISBN: 1596380276

ISBN-13: 9781596380271

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