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Preschool and Kindergarten

It can sometimes be challenging to find ways to keep our children busy and to avoid the typical atrophy in their knowledge and skills. In an effort to combat this, we have created this summer reading program. Below are numerous titles in both print and PDF e-book format. While the preschool and kindergarten books are essentially read-to titles, the rest should be readable by students.

All of these titles have been discounted to encourage extracurricular reading. But what's more, the more you purchase, the bigger the savings!

  • purchase at least 5 books – receive a 10% discount
  • purchase at least 10 books – receive a 15% discount
  • purchase 15 or more books – receive a 25% discount

So, order for the whole family to maximize your savings and, more importantly, keep minds sharp and ready for the upcoming school year!

   Preschool and Kindergarten
   Grades 1 to 3
   Grades 4 to 6
   Grades 7 to 8
   Grades 9 to 12