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The Trusted LeaderLet our 30 years of experience in the field of standardized testing and Christian curriculum work for you.

Testing Service OptionsTo help educators objectively evaluate the academic progress of students from grades one through twelve, Christian Liberty Press offers several achievement testing services for home educators as well as traditional schools. Our testing services can be ordered at any time during the year. Customers may also order a curriculum recommendation service for their students at the time they order an achievement test. This service will assist them in the task of selecting an appropriate curriculum for each child.

Independent Testing Service
Many traditional schools and home educators understand the value of administering an achievement test to their students each school year. The testing service provided by Christian Liberty not only makes this possible and affordable, but it also permits parent educators to administer the tests without any special proctor or administrative oversight.

Since 1987, Christian Liberty Academy has been providing achievement testing services to their homeschool extension students utilizing the paper version of the nationally recognized California Achievement Test (1970 edition). In 2010, Christian Liberty also began to offer two different online testing services. Each of these testing alternatives will give you an accurate assessment of your student’s basic skill levels compared to students across the country. One of the most attractive features of the online CAT and TestPoint Placement Testing Service, is that these options offer immediate feedback to customers compared to the alternative of paper based testing which must travel through the mail before results can be determined and communicated. For further details, or to order either the paper or online testing services, please click on the link that is provided.

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Why we still use the 1970 Edition CAT

Recommendation Service
It is one thing to know how your students academic progress compares to students across the nation, and to receive specific feedback about their strengths and weaknesses, yet quite another to know what curriculum materials are best suited to their particular skill levels. For this reason, Christian Liberty offers educators who are not experienced in developing or selecting curriculum materials our Curriculum Recommendation Service. The cost of this service is $18 per student, and is only available to students who first complete the online or paper CAT exam.

The Curriculum Recommendation Service begins with a thorough examination of each students academic abilities in the basic skills as revealed by the standardized California Achievement Test results. A member of our curriculum department staff will then develop specific recommendations regarding books and materials that he believes will be well suited to your student(s), just as if the student were enrolled in our accredited homeschool academy. In most instances, the recommendations will be for curriculum materials that are commonly utilized by students that are a part of the Christian Liberty Academy School System (CLASS). All textbook recommendations will be provided to customers with detailed information about how they can obtain the recommended curriculum materials if they so choose.

To order the Recommendation Service, please select the appropriate test of your choosing and you will be given the option to select the recommendation service at that point in time.