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Testing Service

To help you in the critical task of selecting appropriate materials for your child, Christian Liberty Press has developed several specialized services for homeschoolers. We can test your child and also provide a customized curriculum recommendation that is suited for your child’s skill level. It is our desire to assist you in any way we can as you train your child in the way he should go.

Independent Testing Service
Many home educators would like to use achievement and placement tests to evaluate their children’s progress without the need for someone else to administer the tests. To aid such families, Christian Liberty Press has developed its own testing service.

For many years, we have provided testing in basic skills with the nationally-recognized California Achievement Test (1970 edition) in printed form. New in 2010, however, we began offering three different testing services. All three of these tests will give you an accurate assessment of your children’s abilities and aid you in selecting appropriate school materials. However, you can get immediate feedback with the online CAT and the TestPoint™ Placement Testing Service. For further details or to order these testing services, click on the link for each test.

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Why we still use the 1970 Edition CAT

Recommendation Service
If you have little or no experience developing curriculum, we invite you to use our Curriculum Recommendation Service. It works in conjunction with our Independent Testing Service. The cost of the Recommendation Service is $18 per student.

The Curriculum Recommendation Service begins with a thorough examination of the student’s abilities as revealed by the placement/achievement test results. Then we will recommend a specific curriculum for your student. All textbook recommendations are accompanied by information about how you may order the materials.

To order the recommendation service, please select the appropriate test and you will be taken to the order page for testing service. You will then be given the option to select the recommendation service.