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Bible and Theology

  • Hunger Winter - Student Exercises

    Hunger Winter - Student Exercises

    This booklet provides language arts and history/social science activities that will transform Hunger Winter from simply being an enjoyable story into something more. Activities are grouped around eight-chapter blocks from the story and include vocabulary...

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  • The Book of Job Unfolded, 2nd edition

    Book of Job Unfolded, 2nd edition

    This commentary takes a thorough and scholarly look at the fascinating life of Job. So much benefit can be derived from studying the book of Job, but many young people are afraid they will not understand it. In this reprint of a classic title, Job's life...

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  • The Church in History - Answer Key

    Church in History - Answer Key

    This key provides the answers to the questions found throughout The Church in History text. Subject: Church History Suggested Grade: 9th - 12th Author: Diane C. Olson Copyright: 2012 Side-stapled: 37 pages Companion...

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  • The Church in History

    Church in History

    This text covers the broad scope of church history, beginning with the birth of the New Testament Church. It then examines the Church during the Middle Ages, during and after the Reformation, and finally how it has progressed into the New World (up...

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  • The Attributes of God

    Attributes of God

    This text provides a systematic study of the attributes of God from a reformed perspective. In this study, the author explains God's uniqueness, decrees, knowledge, foreknowledge, supremacy, sovereignty, immutability, holiness, power, faithfulness,...

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  • Memory Work Notebook

    Memory Work Notebook

    This spiral-bound study program by Paul G. Settle is an excellent supplement to a child’s Bible course. It provides a program whereby children from age three through the twelfth grade can memorize Bible passages and the catechism according to...

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  • Always Ready

    Always Ready

    Your graduates will increasingly interact with the non-Christian world as they continue in their education, establish their own households, and enter the working world. They need to be prepared to defend their faith. This book, a compilation of several...

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  • Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Arminianism

    Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism and Arminianism

    This study traces the historic roots of the true teaching of the reformer John Calvin and contrasts them with the numerous erroneous assumptions of modern times. Students will be challenged to comprehend the significance of the Reformed faith in light...

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