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English • American Literature

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Title: American Literature 3rd Ed., first half
Subject: American Literature Course Number: 22330
Suggested Grade Level: 9th–12th
Author: Raymond A. St. John Number of Pages: 674
Publisher: Bob Jones University Press Academic Credit: 0.5
Copyright: 2016 (3rd edition) Course Charge: None
Prerequisites: A course equivalent to World Literature is highly recommended.
Course Materials: Textbook, 1 book report books (see below), answer key,* and 3 tests*
   * Item published by Christian Liberty Press
Course Description: This course covers the first half of the textbook. The second half of the text is covered in the second half course. This course provides a chronological study of classic American literature from precolonial to the twentieth century. Detailed historical sections, timelines, and author biographies provide background information on the people, forces, and philosophies that shaped the various literary styles and periods. Featured authors include William Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, Irving, Longfellow, Emerson, Melville, Dickinson, Frost, Sandburg, and Hemingway.

Book Report Books: Choose one book that is associated with American Literature.