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Title: Latin in the Christian Trivium, Volume 2
Subject: Latin 2 Course Number: 99385
Suggested Grade Level: 9th–12th
Authors: Gail Busby and Mary Harrington Number of Pages: 182
Publisher: XL Group Academic Credit: 1.0
Copyright: 1999 Course Charge: $80.00
Prerequisites:Latin 1
Course Materials: Textbook, Study Sheets/Practice Tests, Teachers Guide, Instructors Resource CD, Tests*
   * Item published by Christian Liberty Press
Course Description: This course takes the student deeper into the complexities of Latin by expanding vocabulary to over 1,000 words by introducing the fifth declension, the reflexive pronouns, and the subjunctive mood. Students will expand their grasp of Latin history and culture by following the continuing story of a Roman Centurion and his family. Students will also translate passages of Scripture as well as common sayings such as “e pluribus unum.”