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Title: World Literature 4th Ed., second half
Subject: World Literature Course Number: 20335
Suggested Grade Level: 9th–12th
Author: Jan Anderson, ed. Number of Pages: 454
Publisher: A Beka Book Publishers Academic Credit: 0.5
Copyright: 2011 (4th edition) Course Charge: None
Prerequisites: World Literature 4th Ed., first half
Course Materials: Textbook, 1 book report books (see below), teacher’s manual,* and 2 tests*
   * Item published by Christian Liberty Press
Course Description: This is the second half of a two part course. This course presents a background to the study of world literature featuring the use of short story, essay, and narrative and descriptive poetry. Each reading selection includes author biographical information and questions to encourage thoughtful interaction and Christian character development. The textbook introduces the meaning and use of such literary terms and forms as: character development, narrative poetry, plot, imagery and figurative language, theme, rhyme and rhythm, emotion, poetry patterns and forms, paradox, and setting. The course features classic literary works by such authors as Dickens, Browning, Frost, Holmes, Tennyson, Poe, Doyle, Keats, and Cummings.

Book Report Books:Choose one book that is associated with World Literature.