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The ministries of the Church of Christian Liberty have been supporting parents in their Biblical responsibility to provide their children with a Godly education for nearly fifty years. Tens of thousands of students have benefitted from a Christ-centered education through CLASS Homeschools, Christian Liberty Press, Christian Liberty Academy, and Whitefield College. It is the desire and mission of Christian Liberty to partner with parents to provide top quality, Christ-centered education for children, and to train students to be salt and light in the world and well equipped defenders of the faith.

Please take this opportunity to support Christian Liberty and our continued commitment to our students.

New Commemorative History Book

Fifty years ago the Lord brought a group of individuals together under the direction of Pastor Paul Lindstrom. They shared a common vision for how the Kingdom of Christ might be advanced in the Chicagoland area and beyond. This small body of believers had a passion to set individuals, as well as American society, free from the bondage of sin through the proclamation of the Gospel. In 1965, they united together to spread the Good News under the name of the Church of Christian Liberty.

Desiring to be onward Christian soldiers, this new fellowship immediately began to place a strong emphasis on biblically-grounded missions, evangelism, and Christian education. Before long, Almighty God started to bless and multiply the efforts of these believers, as well as the many individuals who later joined them.

As part of our fifty-year anniversary celebration, we have released a new book that presents the history of Christian Liberty ministries entitled Standing Firm for Liberty. To obtain a copy of this new publication, simply click here. Click Donate Now to learn about specific ways that supporters can bless the ongoing work of Christian Liberty Academy, and make a special contribution.