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  • Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking, Christian Liberty edition

    Honest Money, Christian Liberty Edition

    Using the Bible as his "blueprint," Dr. North examines the financial crisis we are facing by addressing topics such as: the value and origins of money, currency debasing and how it is equivalent to having unjust weights, how inflation (i.e., "corrupt...

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  • Economics: Work and Prosperity, 3rd edition

    Economics: Work and Prosperity, 3rd edition

    This text provides a solid overview of economic theory from a Christian perspective, and includes the study of supply and demand, inflation and savings, production, and competition. It gives a biblical view of work, wealth, and stewardship, contrasting...

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  • In the Shadow of Plenty

    In the Shadow of Plenty

    Dr. George Grant, author of over twenty books on theology, history, and poverty, provides readers with biblical answers for the tough problems posed by poverty and the modern welfare state. Specific recommendations are also given as to how Christians...

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