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Kindergarten CLASS Plan Enrollment

  • Kindergarten CLASS Administration Plan Enrollment
  • CLASS Administration Plan Enrollment Description
  • Sample Kindergarten Curriculum
(actual books may vary)
  • Bible Treasures K: Genesis to Ruth
  • It Is Fun to Read
  • Pals and Pets
  • A Time at Home
  • It Is a Joy to Learn
  • Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book K, 2nd edition
  • Hearts and Hands, 2nd edition
  • Adventures in Phonics Level A, 3rd edition
  • Adventures in Phonics: Phonics Sounds and Teaching Tips Audio CD
  • In the Beginning
  • Liberty Mathematics Level K
  • The World God Made, 2nd edition
  • Little Pilgrims in God's World
  • Nathan's Story
  • Celebrating Art
  • Training Children in Godliness, 2nd edition (parent support)
  • CLASS Lesson Planner, 2nd edition (parent support)

Product Description

CLASS Administration Plan enrollments are for families who want homeschool their children, but also desire the advantages of being enrolled in a school where official records are maintained, and report cards, transcripts, and diploma are available.

Under this plan, you choose the courses (or opt to have us select them) from a variety of proven and trusted publishers. We then design your curriculum using standardized tests results, academic transcripts from previous schools (if applicable), and any comments and additional information you provide. We ship to you a complete grade level's worth of curriculum (all textbooks, keys, tests, etc.), along with the requirement for each course. You then set up your home school the way it works best for you; you set your own schedule and work at your own pace.

In the CLASS Plan, we partner with you in the grading of the course material, send quarterly report cards, supply transcripts when needed, and award a diploma when earned. We even offer curriculum adjustments after the books have been shipped, extension quarters if our full-year enrollment time-frame is insufficient, and customer service if you have questions about the organization of your school.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten is designed to teach four and five-year-olds the basics of phonics-based reading, writing, and mathematics. Students completing the material will be academically prepared for first grade.

For more information on our CLASS Administration Plan enrollments, go to CLASS Plan on our school's official website.

Filling Out the Enrollment Application

Many of the fields above are self-explanatory, but here are a few notes on some that might be confusing. If something doesn't make sense, or if you have additional questions, please call us toll free at 800-348-0899, press 1. Remember, you are in the process of completing an enrollment—not simply placing an order.

STEP 1 – Parent-Legal Guardian Information

The parent-legal guardian information identifies who is officially enrolling the student (this can differ from who is paying the tuition or receiving the shipment of curriculum). The legal guardian and spouse listed here are the only people authorized to obtain information about and make changes to the student's curriculum. (If additional names need to be added, use our Authorization Form.)

Family ID: If you have ever enrolled any student in our program, then you will have a family identification number. If you are new to our school, then leave this blank.

Parent-Legal Guardian: This is the head-of-household name (title, first, last) who is officially enrolling the student (this can be different from the person purchasing and/or receiving the box of course materials). Be sure to include both first and last name.

Spouse: This is the head-of-household spouse's name (title, first, last) who is officially enrolling the student. Be sure both first and last name are included.

Phone # and Email: These, in addition to a mailing address, are the official contact points between our school and the parent-legal guardian.

STEP 1a – Official Address

Type in the address to where you want all official correspondence and records sent. This will become your official address on file.

Note: You will be required to enter a billing address during checkout. If that address is the same as your parent-legal guardian mailing address, you may leave this step blank. If no information is provided in this section, we will assume your billing address is your official address and use it for your enrollment.

STEP 2 – Student Information

The student name you provide will become the official name that appears on all report cards, transcripts, and ultimately, the diploma. Be sure to avoid using nicknames and the like.

Student Name: This is the official name we will enter into our records and should be typed (first, last) as you would like it to appear on all official documents.

Student ID: Your student will only have a student identification number if enrolled with us sometime in the past. If this student is new to our school, then leave this blank.

Was Enrolled in CLASS Last Grade Level: If your student was enrolled in our school (either CLASS Plan or Family Plan) for the grade level immediately preceding this one, then choose "Yes." Otherwise, select "No."

STEP 3 – Standardized Testing Information

CLASS offers two different standardized achievement/placement tests—The California Achievement Test (CAT) [paper and online versions, starting at grade 2] and the TestPoint Placement Test—which we use primarily for determining the best curriculum. In most cases, we find the achievement test to be a better fit for students enrolling into our school. For more information, see achievement test versus placement test.

Standardized testing is not required for students enrolling into grades K-1. However, those who wish to be tested must use the TestPoint Placement Test; the CAT is not available for these grade levels.

The TestPoint Placement Test is only available for students who were not enrolled with us for the previous grade level; it cannot be used for a re-enrollment.

Note: If you choose to take the online TestPoint Placement Test, it will take 1–2 business days before the test can be administered. After your enrollment is processed, you will be notified via email with website information about taking the test.

Pre-Test: If you would like your student pre-tested prior to curriculum development, then choose "Yes." We will send you the TestPoint Placement Test you selected in "Testing" (reminder, it cannot be used for re-enrollments). Your enrollment will be held until after the test has been completed and returned. Note that pre-testing for kindergarten and first grade is warranted only in special situations and is rarely necessary.

STEP 4 – Course Selection

Within each subject is a list of courses available for this grade level. You may choose one or more courses for your student or opt to have us select the best courses for you. If you do not know which course to select, choose the "I want CLASS to choose my course" option. If there is only one course option for a required subject, that course has already been pre-selected.

Each course option listed in a drop-down menu consists some or all of the following information:

  • subject – appears if the general subject heading can be broken down into sub-headings (e.g., biology and chemistry are sub-headings of science); generally only seen at the high school level

  • title – the title of the primary textbook, which is usually identical to the course name

  • publisher and edition – If book credit is available (see below) for an item in the course, the option to receive some financial credit is provided. This information is included to ensure that the materials you have match the course we assign.

  • academic credit (high school only) – indicates the amount of academic credit that will be awarded upon successful completion of the course

  • send me all / I already have… – identifies whether we need to send all materials for the course or if you already have some; for each course name, the top option listed is "send everything"

  • add / deduct – the amount added or deducted from your base tuition; add includes fees associated with some not-required-for-the-diploma electives, whereas deduct occurs from book credit

NOTE: We reserve the right to modify your course choices if achievement/placement test scores, previous school transcripts, and/or other comments indicate they will be inappropriate. If this occurs, you may appeal the decision by contacting us. Curriculum adjustments can be made, even after the materials have been shipped.

Book Credit: We offer financial credit for select textbooks and teacher's manuals if you already have them and don't need us to send another copy. If an item qualifies for book credit, you can request that we not send it to you when you choose that course (the book credit will be automatically deducted from your tuition). Book credit options are found in the course selection drop-down menus, and have the "I already have…" text listed next to the course. If you need all items, then choose the version of the course that indicates this. Be sure to check the edition listed to ensure your copy matches our course.

We do not award book credit for Christian Liberty Press publications, nor do we award book credit for the second half of a two-year course.

Course Details: To view a course description and book preview, click on a course title in the table below. Note: Book preview is not available for some courses.








 History/Social Studies


STEP 5 – Additional Information

Parent-Teacher Support: Included with the curriculum is the book Training Children in Godliness, which provides parents and other adults with a discussion on training children in Christian values.

Lesson Planner: We provide one lesson planner per family for your school year, which is independent of the number of students you are enrolling. If you need additional copies (or if you would like a PDF version), you can add them to this enrollment as a separate purchase.

Comments and Requests: In order for us to better develop your student's curriculum, we ask that you also include information about his/her strengths and weaknesses, general academic background, and anything else you believe might be helpful. If the information is too extensive to include in this text box, contact us.

Final Comments

If you have any questions about this application or the process itself, please contact us.

If for some reason you need to cancel this enrollment, partial refunds are available up to 30 days after the main curriculum ship date (60 days for foreign shipments). For full details, see our cancellation policy.

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Other Details

CLASS Plan enrollments are for those who want all the advantages of homeschooling, plus the benefits of being enrolled a nationally recognized, accredited school that prepares their children for college and beyond.
Kindergarten Summary:
Kindergarten is designed to teach 4 and 5-year-olds the basics of phonics-based reading, writing, and mathematics. Students completing the material will be academically prepared for first grade.

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  1. The Material was very well written very easy to follow 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 02/27/2017

    Thank you so much the books and the lessons have Jessica so excited to learn her lessons each day.

  2. love this program 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10/22/2016

    great costumer service. program is easy to understand and follow for both teacher and student. Only wish the flash cards were in color and more of them.

  3. Wonderful Program. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 09/01/2015

    As a first time homeschooler I was a little unsure of how it was going to be. With the CLASS program, it has been a lifesaver. It's absolutely wonderful, and my daughter enjoys it also. God Bless!

  4. Full Circle 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 02/06/2015

    I was homeschooled from Kindergarten to 10th grade through Christian Liberty Academy. When I entered public school, I was well prepared and found the work less intense than with homeschooling. Although I didn't imagine I would be homeschooling my own children, God led us in that direction, and here we are.

    When researching curriculum, I compared several, but was drawn to Christian Liberty for the record keeping, Diploma, financial difference, and the fact that my family excelled with the curriculum. Although I chose to stay at home with my kids, my sister took college courses as a senior in high school with ease, and will receive her doctorate this year.

    I ordered this package for my daughter (5-years-old), and the 1st grade package for my son (6-years-old). I love the fact that I am able to structure my day so that we are working on the same subjects the entire morning and most of the afternoon. The only subjects I do separately are History, Bible and Reading.

    That being said, I believe this Kindergarten was a bit more than my daughter was prepared for. She turned 5 on September 16, 2015 - so I could have waited to start her a year. She struggles to pay attention during history and Bible, and I get a bit of sass with the seat work I assign (I do assign additional worksheets daily in both Math and Phonics).

    Thankfully, CLASS offers an advanced Kindergarten course, and I will be able to put her through that to ensure she has a solid base before starting 1st grade. I am grateful to Christian Liberty for providing a thorough and challenging curriculum, record keeping and diploma, all at an excellent price.

    :) You guys are awesome!

  5. Very user friendly. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 09/29/2014

    I love that I can use the books, and it still gives me some wiggle room to come up with our own thing. My son, has his good days and his struggles too, but for the most part, he asks to do school. He loves that we can be flexible, and do more one day and less another. It also leaves room for you to be creative and really let your child grow in many ways.

  6. Amazed! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 09/10/2014

    There is SO much I could say about this program. I've only been using it with my daughter for 3 weeks but we are SO loving it. My daughter is 4.5yrs old so I originally thought it would be over her head. However, I'm amazed at how simple the books are to start and how she grows to new heights every single day. (not saying we don't have our challenges). My daughter's favorite text book is the Bible Treasures. :) I'm not a "homeschooling" type of person if you were to categorize me. However, I obediently obeyed the call and have been VERY impressed with CLASS. I ordered middle of August and received our supplies within the 2 week mark! We started homeschool the last week of August! I love that CLASS keeps all the transcripts and I do minimal record keeping. This program has come HIGHLY recommended to me from several moms with kids in all different grades! I'm Very Happy!
    I only give it a 4star however, for the simple reason that I wish it came with a little more "hands on" stuff like some of the other programs I looked at. Everything you receive is all text book based and I have to think up my own "creative side" which as I mentioned above...am not so much that type of person...
    But all-in-all ... VERY impressed and would not go with any other program. I plan to keep my children in this program until 12th Grade.

  7. Beginner home schooling 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 09/18/2013

    This is our first year homeschooling and we are very excited to try this approach. We are beginning kindergarten and after looking over the materials, I believe that this will be the best program fit for my son. If all goes well, we'll definitely be enrolling my other son who will be in kindergarten next year.

  8. Great books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 07/17/2013

    I am so excited to start the courses with my two children in K and 1st grade. I love the biblical instruction and the clear lesson plans. I can't wait to see how they mature in Christ as they gain knowledge. I know this is a great program because I was home schooled in 10 to 12 grade through christian liberty and it really formed in me that closeness with God as well as a sound academia. I went off to college and was so surprised as to how much I knew. I gained confidence in myself that was lacked before.

  9. Answers at Your Fingertips 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 07/16/2013

    This will be my first year at homeschooling. I will be teaching kindergarten. Obviously extremely nervous and want to do the best job I can. In reading over the materials, my nerves have eased. If the answer isn't in the handbook (which normally you can find anything in there) the staff is always extremely helpful & friendly. The course guidelines were good with detail regarding each subject especially which work to send in or to record a completion grade. Still overwhelmed to a degree yet since having the opportunity to go over my child's workbooks and teacher books, things are looking up and less tense. The bible verses throughout the books is very nice. It helps me to read them and look forward to memorizing them and getting my children to know them also. Thanks again for an exceptional curriculum.

  10. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 07/09/2013

    We are quite pleased with this curriculum. It is straight forward yet challenging. It is also economical.

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