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  • Arithmetic 3, 6th edition

    Arithmetic 3, 6th edition

    This colorful text provides extensive work in multiplication and division; story problems up to four steps; Roman numerals; averaging numbers; standard measures; equations; and adding, subtracting, and reducing fractions. The workbook includes an...

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  • Arithmetic 3, 6th edition - Teacher Key

    Arithmetic 3, 6th edition - Teacher Key

    This spiral bound guide includes the answers to the exercises throughout the Arithmetic 3 work-text. It also contains teacher tips and a simple lesson plan for each page's exercises. Subject: Arithmetic Suggested Grade: 3rd Author: Kim...

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  • MathAnimals


    MathAnimals is an exciting game that teaches and reinforces addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills for children. With the roll of a die, players race around the colorful game board trying to land their playing piece on the animal that...

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  • MCP Mathematics: Level C

    MCP Mathematics: Level C

    This course uses a traditional drill and practice format with predictable, easy-to-use lessons. This text is adaptable to fit your schedule and needs. Level C begins by reviewing facts regarding addition, subtraction, and place value. Then it presents...

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  • MCP Mathematics: Level C - Teacher's Edition

    MCP Mathematics: Level C - Teacher's Edition

    This teacher's edition for MCP Mathematics: Level C includes reduced-sized student pages with the correct answers, and margins filled with lesson and teacher instructions. Additional helps include: lesson objectives, materials needed, warm-up...

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