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It is imperative that you contact our Customer Service department by phone or email before mailing any materials back to our offices. All returns for refund must include a return authorization (RA). Return policies vary depending on the product and/or service; please choose from the following for specifics.

California Achievement Test – Online Test
California Achievement Test – Paper Test
California Achievement Test – Practice Test
CD's and DVD's
Curriculum Kits
Curriculum Recommendation Service
eBooks and other Downloadable Products
Enrollments – CLASS Administration Plan
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Logos Science Kits
Printed Materials / Physical Products
Saxon Kits
TestPoint Placement Test

California Achievement Test – Paper Version

Unused paper versions of the California Achievement Test must be returned within sixty (60) days of purchase. These tests will receive a 60% refund. Tests must be unused to qualify for a refund. If the Composite Scoring service was selected, that will be awarded a full refund.

If the test has been used (e.g., been written upon in any way), then no refund for the test is allowed. However, if you also purchased the Composite Scoring service and that service has not yet been performed, you will receive a full refund for it, assuming the request is made within sixty (60) days of purchase.

If you also purchased a Curriculum Recommendation service, see below.

Online Testing

(California Achievement Test – Online Version, California Achievement Test – Practice Test, and the TestPoint Placement Testing Service)
All setup costs for online testing are implemented immediately upon purchase; therefore, these testing services are non-refundable. This includes the Composite Scoring service, if it has been selected.

If you also purchased a Curriculum Recommendation service, see below.

Uncompleted online tests are retained in the system for one (1) year from the date of purchase. If you wish to use the test for another student, contact us within that time-frame so we can adjust pertinent information and ensure you are completing the correct level test.

Curriculum Recommendation Service

Once processing of a Curriculum Recommendation service has begun, there is no refund for the service. This applies to both the Basic and the Premium Recommendation service. Unprocessed Curriculum Recommendation services are fully refunded if a cancellation is requested within sixty (60) days of the original purchase date.

Note that, for online testing, the request for a Recommendation is issued immediately upon test completion. Therefore, any request to cancel this service should be made prior to taking the test.

Physical Products

(printed materials, CDs, and DVDs)
Products must be returned in new and unused condition within thirty (30) days of shipment (sixty [60] days for foreign orders), and are subject to a 10% restocking fee. The postage cost for returning non-defective item(s) is the responsibility of the customer. Items returned not in new and unused condition will neither qualify for refund, nor will they be returned to the customer.

CD and DVD products must be returned in the condition they were shipped. There is no refund if the product has been unwrapped and/or opened.

Curriculum kits must be returned in their entirety to qualify for a standard refund. If a partial kit is returned, then the retail price of each unreturned product will be deducted from the refund amount prior to assessing the restocking fee. Saxon kits must be returned in their entirety for any refund. For returns of Logos Science kits, see below.

Damaged items must be reported to Christian Liberty within thirty (30) days of shipment (sixty [60] days for foreign orders) for replacement or refund. If it is deemed necessary to return the items, Christian Liberty will provide a prepaid shipping label.

If you wish to cancel an enrollment, see below.


(PDFs, ePUBs, and MP3s)
There is no refund for the purchase of any digital products.

Logos Science Kits (from Quality Science Labs)

Lab kits must be returned in new and unused condition (including any plastic packaging must remain unopened) within forty-five (45) days of purchase and are subject to a restocking fee (see below). Postage costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Lab kits must be returned to Quality Science Labs along with the return authorization paperwork. Do not return lab kits to Christian Liberty's offices, as this will affect the processing and amount of refund.

Returned lab kits are inspected by Quality Science Labs; they will determine the refund amount (less a restocking fee). This fee will vary depending on the type of kit being returned and the condition in which it arrives. Once determined, Christian Liberty will be notified of the amount and will issue the refund.


(CLASS Administration Plan, Family Administration Plan, and Individual Courses)

The refund amount for an enrollment cancellation varies based on its development status. Therefore, it is important that you call Customer Service promptly to prevent further processing (be sure to record the date and name of the Customer Service representative with whom you spoke).

Once curriculum materials have been shipped, you have thirty (30) days (sixty [60] days for foreign enrollments) from the main curriculum shipping date to cancel. If the curriculum has been shipped, you must obtain a return authorization cancellation kit and follow its instructions before returning any materials. Any materials returned without the Cancellation/Return Authorization form (found in the cancellation kit) will not be processed for refund.

Note: Written and signed notification is required to officially cancel an enrollment. The phone call simply stops the process until the official documentation is received.

For specifics on the processing fees deducted, see either Enrollment Cancellations or Individual Course Cancellations.