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A Munchkin Born Every Minute: Where is Dorothy when we need her?

A Munchkin Born Every Minute: Where is Dorothy when we need her?

Posted by Ed Straka on 06/25/2024

“Liberty is not the same thing as equality, and those who call themselves liberals are far more interested in equalizing than in liberating their fellows.”

Roger Scruton, Liberty and Civilization

     To be sure, it is human nature to always want to protect oneself and friends and family from the unknown dangers of this world. Violence and poverty being the two main concerns. Much of our life is concerned with those two problems and how to prevent them. But what of those that have more than enough money and power yet work so hard championing those unpopular political causes that promise to alleviate such concerns even though in the end, those people are and remain untouchable by either?

     Even more importantly, why does the average American actually think the rich and powerful actually want to make the average citizen free not to mention safe? After all these years of electoral fanfare – wouldn’t this freedom and safety have already happened if they were telling the common man the truth?

The Man Behind the Curtain

     For those who have never seen the original 1939 Wizard of Oz movie you are in for a treat! Judy Garland plays the heroine who not only rescues people from the Wicked Witch but also what amounts to political paternalism by the Great Oz himself. Those in Munchkin land always submit to Oz because they know that the Wicked Witch is lurking and just might stop by for an unannounced visit (assuming a house doesn’t drop on her and her sister first!).

    Our heroine discovers the secret! If she is willing to ignore all the sound, fury and fanfare of the Great Oz holding court and actually look at the man behind the curtain–the charade is exposed. That’s it in a nutshell as far as the movie and, for that matter, American politics!

     The problem is – will the average American citizen continue to be fooled by – for lack of a better term – “the mirage of Oz” or will they look behind the curtain and see the nature of the American system for what it is: a set up for suckers! Suckers that actually think the bubble headed bleach blonde on the news station or the rich and famous actor or singer that the blonde interviews actually cares for them. Then of course there are the politicians that are perpetually willing to be a figurehead accountable to the power behind the throne[i] that placed them there to be nothing more than “doormen” that look nice, act nice, and say nice things to the public via the media[ii] that are the common stock of today’s leadership.[iii]

     Americans do not want to believe that there is someone “behind the curtain” because they might be labeled as either a “conspiracy theorist” or a “tinfoil head” and be cancelled. So, as well-trained Munchkins, they allow themselves to be bought off by promises that they can keep what they have as long as they do not ask for anymore. All they have to do is play nice and do what the politicos in the Land of Oz tell them.

     Sadly, there is no Dorothy and Toto coming to save us so the charade in Munchkin land continues.


     The Tin men in politics have no heart for the people, nor the Scarecrows brains to lead us to the freedom they promised. The lions are gone, killed in endless, meaningless wars costing trillions and availing nothing as the Republic dies.

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