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Bible and Theology

  • Bible Nuggets from A to Z

    Bible Nuggets from A to Z

    Filled with powerful Bible stories, detailed illustrations, memory verses, and fun activities, this book is sure to delight preschoolers and parents alike. Students can reinforce their knowledge of the stories through fun crafts that utilize preschool...

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  • The Church in History - Answer Key

    Church in History - Answer Key

    This key provides the answers to the questions found throughout The Church in History text. Subject: Church History Suggested Grade: 9th - 12th Author: Diane C. Olson Copyright: 2012 Side-stapled: 37 pages Companion...

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  • The Church in History

    Church in History

    This text covers the broad scope of church history, beginning with the birth of the New Testament Church. It then examines the Church during the Middle Ages, during and after the Reformation, and finally how it has progressed into the New World (up...

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  • The Attributes of God

    Attributes of God

    This text provides a systematic study of the attributes of God from a reformed perspective. In this study, the author explains God's uniqueness, decrees, knowledge, foreknowledge, supremacy, sovereignty, immutability, holiness, power, faithfulness,...

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  • Institutes of Biblical Law

    Institutes of Biblical Law

    This text by Rousas J. Rushdoony virtually birthed the "Christian Reconstruction" movement. This classic book takes a comprehensive look at the Ten Commandments, and the case law that complements it, to give the reader a solid understanding of how...

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  • Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs

    Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs

    In the opinion of B.B. Warfield, the Westminster divines left to posterity not only "the most thoroughly thought-out statement ever penned of the elements of evangelical religion," but also one which breathes "the finest fragrance of spiritual religion...

  • Memory Work Notebook

    Memory Work Notebook

    This spiral-bound study program by Paul G. Settle is an excellent supplement to a child’s Bible course. It provides a program whereby children from age three through the twelfth grade can memorize Bible passages and the catechism according to...

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  • Faith and Courage: Commentary on Acts

    Faith and Courage: Commentary on Acts

    This commentary on the book of Acts is written from a Reformed perspective and is intended for the common man. It is designed to provide "… study helps that are simple but without being simplistic." As part of The Plowman Study Series, it is...

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  • Ultimate Questions

    Ultimate Questions

    Does God exist? Who am I? What's the purpose of life? These are questions seekers ask. This booklet answers them simply and directly. Accompanied by color photographs, this booklet provides clear explanations about God's nature, humanity's purpose,...

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  • Always Ready

    Always Ready

    Your graduates will increasingly interact with the non-Christian world as they continue in their education, establish their own households, and enter the working world. They need to be prepared to defend their faith. This book, a compilation of several...

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  • Church History in Plain Language, 4th edition

    Church History in Plain Language, 4th edition

    Students who need to grasp the lessons of church history will find this text helpful. The text by respected scholar Bruce L. Shelley covers each century of church history in a balanced manner. This book starts with the apostolic era and continues...

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