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  • Martin Luther: the Great Reformer, 2nd ed. - PDF

    Downloadable PDFA link to download this product will appear on your order confirmation. The life of Martin Luther is a stirring tale of God's grace, for few men have had greater influence on the Christian church. This biography provides an account of...

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  • Confessions, by Saint Augustine

    Confessions by Saint Augustine

    Augustine is known as one of the Church Fathers (A.D. 354-430). Confessions by Saint Augustine in large part is the autobiography of his conversion, but it is more than just a simple story. It is a profound and honest work of how the Lord subdued his...

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  • David Livingstone: Man of Prayer and Action

    David Livingstone, Man of Prayer and Action

    The life of David Livingstone clearly testifies to the fact that God can change the direction of history through the life of just one soul. Well over one hundred years have passed since this famous missionary to Africa departed this earth. Read this...

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  • George B. McClellan: The Disposable Patriot

    George B. McClellan, The Disposable Patriot

    This biography presents a unique analysis of the life of Civil War general McClellan. Readers will gain valuable insight into the virtue and patriotism of this military legend and gain a comprehensive understanding of why historians have consistently...

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  • Robert E. Lee: The Christian, 2nd edition

    Robert E. Lee, The Christian, 2nd Edition

    Robert E. Lee is one of the most iconic figures in American history. While many will disagree with his decision to serve in the Confederate army (and on occasion, military historians will argue over some of his decisions as a general), his personal...

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  • Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans

    Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon is considered by many to be one of God's choicest gifts to His church in Britain, and even throughout the world. From the day of his conversion as a lad of sixteen until the day of his death, he had a single eye to the glory of...

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