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Presbyterian and Reformed

  • The Betrayal: A Novel on John Calvin

    Betrayal: A Novel on John Calvin

    Set amidst the backdrop of the scholarship and humanism of renaissance France — and its love of luxury, power, and decadence — this fast-paced biographical novel on John Calvin is told...

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  • Choosing Your Career: The Christian's Decision Manual

    Choosing Your Career

    Is God calling you to be a doctor? A homemaker? An electrician? A missionary? Dr. Clark helps students take a thoughtful "personal spiritual inventory," explores the roots of the Christian work...

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  • Christian Living in the Home

    Christian Living in the Home

    This text provides solid biblical instruction that will help you improve your family life and enable you to encourage those who are dealing with family problems. Many families struggle today...

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  • Ephesians: A Study Manual

    Ephesians: A Study Manual

    This text provides a section by section study of the book of Ephesians, with thought questions for reflection and discussion. Subject: Bible Suggested Grade: 8th (remedial 9th -...

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  • Every Thought Captive

    Every Thought Captive

    High school students who need a practical course on how to share and defend their Christian faith will find this text particularly helpful. In down-to-earth language, Richard Pratt has given us...

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  • Fossils That Speak Out

    Fossils That Speak Out

    In this text, the author shows how anthropological discoveries support creation rather than evolution. Clear and cleverly illustrated, this book is easily understandable to laypersons of...

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  • Growing Up Christian

    Growing Up Christian

    Young people who grow up in the church often leave by the time they finish college. Karl Gaustein, long-time Christian school teacher and principal, has written Growing Up Christian to help address...

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  • Hostage Lands

    Hostage Lands

    Hostage Lands is a tale about an eccentric Latin teacher and one of her students, Neil Perkins, who lives on a farm bordering Hadrian's Wall. He thinks Latin is useless and prefers to daydream...

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  • Institutes of Biblical Law

    Institutes of Biblical Law

    This text by Rousas J. Rushdoony virtually birthed the "Christian Reconstruction" movement. This classic book takes a comprehensive look at the Ten Commandments, and the case law that complements...

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