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  • Arithmetic 4, 4th edition

    Arithmetic 4, 4th edition

    This colorful text both teaches and reviews the four basic processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). It also covers multiplying and dividing by two-digit numbers, estimation, square measures, writing decimals as fractions, and...

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  • Arithmetic 4, 4th edition - Teacher Edition

    Arithmetic 4, 4th edition - Teacher Edition

    This spiral bound guide includes the answers to the exercises throughout the Arithmetic 4 work-text. It also contains teacher tips and a simple lesson plan for each page's exercises. Subject: Arithmetic Suggested Grade: 4th Author: Judy...

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  • MCP Mathematics: Level D - Teacher's Edition

    MCP Mathematics: Level D - Teacher's Edition

    This teacher's edition for MCP Mathematics: Level D includes reduced-sized student pages with the correct answers, and margins filled with lesson and teacher instructions. Additional helps include: lesson objectives, materials needed, warm-up...

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  • MCP Mathematics: Level D

    MCP Mathematics: Level D

    This course provides students with a solid study of traditional mathematics concepts. Problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, estimation, and mental math are routinely stressed throughout the text. Level D begins by reviewing facts regarding...

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  • MathAnimals


    MathAnimals is an exciting game that teaches and reinforces addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills for children. With the roll of a die, players race around the colorful game board trying to land their playing piece on the animal that...