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  • Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition - Home Study Kit

    Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition - Home Study Kit

    This text is the culmination of pre-algebra mathematics and uses the incremental method (through 123 lessons) to prepare students for the transition into algebra. In addition to pre-algebra, the text also provides an introduction to geometry and...

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  • Saxon Math Homeschool 8/7, 3rd edition -  Kit

    Saxon Math Homeschool 8/7, 3rd edition - Kit

    This text consists of an incremental review (through 120 lessons) of arithmetic facts and computations, geometry, measurement, including most topics found in Saxon Math Homeschool 7/6. It also includes select pre-algebra topics, as well as expanded...

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  • Working with Numbers: Refresher

    Working With Numbers: Refresher

    This mathematics workbook is perfect for junior or senior high students who need a course that thoroughly reviews general math principles from basic addition facts through the fundamentals of pre-algebra. Subject: Arithmetic Suggested...

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  • Working with Numbers: Refresher - Teacher's Guide

    Working With Numbers: Refresher - Teacher's Guide

    This teacher's guide to Working with Numbers: Refresher includes an overview of the course, a scope and sequence, teaching strategies for each fundamental skill, and a mastery test to check for comprehension of the material. An answer key to the workbook...

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