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  • Mr. Pipes 4-Volume Complete Set

    Mr. Pipes - Complete Set

    This series of novels by Douglas Bond tell the story of two young Americans, Annie and Drew, and an elderly organist, Mr. Pipes. Through their adventures, Annie and Drew learn about famous hymn writers and their work. As Mr. Pipes teaches them, they...

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  • Hunting for Whales

    Hunting for Whales

    This novel presents a fascinating account of two young men, from very different backgrounds, who experience the adventure of whaling during the mid-nineteenth century. It is not only a story of adventure and hardship on the high seas, but also a tale...

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  • Hostage Lands

    Hostage Lands

    Hostage Lands is a tale about an eccentric Latin teacher and one of her students, Neil Perkins, who lives on a farm bordering Hadrian's Wall. He thinks Latin is useless and prefers to daydream about fearless Celtic warriors battling mighty Roman...

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  • Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

    Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

    This first novel in the series by Douglas Bond tells the story of two young Americans who are befriended by an elderly gentleman (Mr. Pipes) while on vacation in England. As he teaches them about famous British hymn writers and their hymns, they learn...

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