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Reading and Literature

  • Through the Skies

    Through the Skies

    This reader is a collection of stories and poems that include character-building truths. Basic vocabulary building and an introduction to the parts of a story are included; Think About It questions appear at the end of most selections. Subject:...

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  • Fun with Friends

    Fun With Friends

    Christian character traits are highlighted in this collection of stories that develop phonics skills and introduce basic literary terms. Think About It questions are included at the end of each story. Subject: Reading Suggested Grade:...

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  • Bible Alive - Old Testament Set 1

    Bible Alive - Old Testament Set 1

    These four books from the Bible Alive series teach young readers biblically accurate accounts of David's life, from shepherd to king, in an engaging manner. Each book is well illustrated and very colorful. The final page of each reader includes the...

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  • David the Soldier

    David the Soldier

    This engaging and biblically accurate story by Carine MacKenzie is full of intrigue as it retells the story of David the soldier. To be a man of patience you have to be willing to wait and trust in God. David learned patience as he waited to become...

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  • David the Shepherd

    David the Shepherd

    To be a man of courage you have to stand up and be brave. David learned courage as he protected his flock of sheep from wild animals. These lessons would help him when he faced one of Israel's greatest enemies on the battlefield with just a sling and a...

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  • David the King

    David the King

    To have true repentance you must be truly sorry for your sins. You must turn away from them and turn to God because He is the only one who can forgive sins. In this book by Carine MacKenzie, David found this out when Nathan the Prophet spoke to him...

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  • David the Fugitive

    David the Fugitive

    Carine MacKenzie, author of many books for children, has written this engaging, yet biblically accurate, book about David. Part of the Bible Alive series, this book tells about David as a fugitive and his friendship with Jonathan. To be a true friend,...

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  • Beautiful Stories for Children - PDF Download

    Beautiful Stories for Children - PDF

    Downloadable PDFA link to download this product will appear on your order confirmation. For those who have already mastered the fundamentals of phonics, Beautiful Stories for Children is a perfect way to expand your child's love for reading. Short,...

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  • Complete Nature Reader set shown with answer keys.

    Christian Liberty Nature Reader - Complete Set

    The Christian Liberty Nature Reader series has been a favorite of kindergarten through fifth grade students for years. This six-volume set covers topics that fascinate young minds and create a desire to read. Beginning with an alphabet of stories about...

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  • Silver Sails

    Silver Sails, 3rd edition

    This reader is a collection of stories taken from America's past. Thought questions are included at the end of select stories. Subject: Reading Suggested Grade: 2nd Author: Laurel Hicks, ed. Copyright: 2006 (3rd...