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  • Exploring God's Creation

    Exploring God's Creation

    This text exposes the student to basic science concepts such as physics, chemistry, geology, botany, astronomy, weather, biology, and health through household experiments and activities (such as field trips). Instructions are found at the beginning of...

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  • Exploring God's Creation - Test Packet

    Exploring God's Creation - Test Packet

    Eight tests use multiple choice and true and false questions to evaluate a student's comprehension of the Exploring God's Creation course material. An answer key is also included. Subject: Science Suggested Grade: 3rd Author: Lars R...

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  • SomeBody: The Human Anatomy Game

    SomeBody: The Human Anatomy Game

    It's easy to understand why SomeBody is so popular. Young children play it as a puzzle, carefully placing body parts on the body boards and taking them off again and again; older kids learn names, functions, and locations of organs, muscles, and bones as...

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