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Death Watch 101: A Class in America’s Destruction

Death Watch 101: A Class in America’s Destruction

Posted by Ed Straka on 03/09/2024

The measure of a healthy society is the number of children that society has and how well they do as adults. Yet, if our children as young adults do not want to work, take responsibility, plan for the future and stay sober – we are a dying society. Add to that the inability to admit the biological obvious and determine what bathroom to use[i] and their willingness to experiment with hyper destructive drugs – what future will the nation have?

National and personal debt aside, border crisis, outflow of money for foreign wars that are not our business – America is one of the richest, high-tech societies in the world, yet our cities have become dystopian garbage dumps with gunslinging drug dealers on the streets. Yet our politicians lie to us and insist all is well and the future is bright. Sadly, Americans of both political parties don’t seem to want to ask the right question: do we care about what our constituency wants to support or pay for or not?

Then again, perhaps the real problem is the constituency: they do not know what they want to support. Equally, parents of voting age – the supposed adults in the room – throw their kids into the public school system that is more interested in indoctrination than education and has jettisoned any sense of historic faith and morality. Whether in science classes or sociology classes students are taught that they live in a moral and thanks to post-modernism, a linguistic void, wherein words have no meaning and there is no objective truth.

Why are we surprised that our young people live their lives like there is no tomorrow? They are taught that they ultimately have no value because even the word “value” is now subjective, unless it is “woke” values. Then suddenly “truth” has arrived and we will be set free. But “free” to do what? Commit suicide? Take drugs (a.k.a. “commit suicide”)? Get pregnant and abort the nation’s future? Jettison all responsibility to get up in the morning and go to work?

End Game

Nearly two thousand years ago, Pontius Pilate asked a profound question of an individual standing before him: “What is truth?” (John 18:38). What is of interest to me in this historical situation is that it took place in a judgment hall with a Roman judge presiding. That, and the fact that the judge, even after learning “the truth” of the matter, did not judge according to what he heard and saw in the individual before him, but rather allowed himself to be swayed and manipulated by the opinions of others (John 18: 38 – 19:22).

To this day, those within the American family, Church, political realm and schools suffer from the same affliction as Pontius Pilate. They are under delegated authority to a superior and commanded to judge rightly. Either they refuse to do so, or, similar to Pontius Pilate, they wait to hear the opinions of others before exercising authority. Thus, their impact upon their children as the source of truth is as limited as it is uncertain (Matt.5:13-16).

We have a choice regarding the future: pretend nothing is wrong and leave the driving to our current politicos and their pundit friends – or break away and learn to think for ourselves. Either we learn to think for ourselves, as former public-school teacher and founder of Exodus Institute, Kali Fontanilla suggested,[ii] and take charge of our children’s education – or the supposed adults in the room in D.C. will be happy to do our thinking for us and control our children’s futures.

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