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Family Worship

Family Worship

Posted by Calvin Lindstrom on 05/03/2023

In 2016 I had the blessing of attending an excellent conference at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Dr. Shaw gave an encouraging and challenging talk on the subject of family worship.I found it fascinating that writers 400 years ago were lamenting the miserable condition of the church. Thomas Manton traced the problem to the failure of family religion. Every generation of Christians in many ways faces the same challenges.

While we cannot solve all of the problems in the world or the church, we must be faithful before the Lord in the duties that He has given to us.How can we cry to the Lord about the miserable condition of our nation or lament about the failure of churches in our land, if we are neglecting the duties that God has given to us?

Great writers from the past and present all emphasize the same thing. Fathers must seek to lead their homes. Mothers also play a vital role in family worship. Read God’s Word. Sing hymns and Psalms of praise. Pray together as a family. Keep it simple, but don’t just go through the motions. Pray that God will give you and your children a heart for God’s truth. We pray for daily bread. Even more may God give food for our souls.

If you have any suggestions or book recommendations on this subject, please share them:

May the Lord strengthen us in our duty.