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Teaching Tip #10: June 2023

Teaching Tip #10: June 2023

Posted by Ed Straka on 05/30/2023

Teaching Tip #10 - Do It Again

Do It Again – When students fail to successfully complete a task, often the best consequence is asking them to Do It Again, but this time please do it correctly.

This technique is effective because it gives students immediate and logical feedback, sets a standard of excellence, ends with showing the students what success looks like, does not give the teacher administrative work, and holds the student accountable.

Plus, you can use this technique repeatedly, regardless of what the subject matter is that your student is learning. It is simply a matter of holding them accountable to the standards that you, the teacher, set for them.

Equally, it is a matter of holding them accountable to the standards of the subject matter being taught! After all, 2+3=5, not 6 in Math. There is no way to get around that!

Nouns are not verbs, and verbs are not nouns, in Grammar.

There are only 7 continents in the world, not 8 in Geography.

The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1620 – not 1619 in American History.

The list, of course, is endless! But you get the point and so will your students!

As we noted earlier in Teaching Tips: No Opt-Out and Right is Right!

Do It Again until it is Right!

All of these tips are for the purpose of preparing your student for success as an adult.

And that is the purpose of education: preparation for the student to become self-governed individuals!