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Grade 10

Shop tenth grade curriculum and products.

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    In Freedom's Cause

    During the late 13th century, the people of Scotland groaned under the yoke of English tyranny... until two men were raised up by God to fight for Scottish independence. Their motto? "God armeth the patriot!"This historic adventure is sure to make a...

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  • Tenth Grade CLASS Administration Plan Enrollment

    Grade 10 CLASS Plan Enrollment

    CLASS Administration Plan enrollments are for families who want homeschool their children, but also desire the advantages of being enrolled in a school where official records are maintained, and report cards, transcripts, and diploma are available...

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  • Tenth Grade Family Administration Plan Enrollment

    Grade 10 Family Plan Enrollment

    Family Administration Plan enrollments are for families who want to be totally independent, but are concerned that the curriculum materials selected (and the subjects being studied) will provide a solid Christian education and prepare their children for...

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  • Kit shown with the Journey Through the Bible 3 and Saxon Algebra 2 Math options.

    Grade 10 CLP Curriculum Kit

    NOTE: Purchasing this kit will NOT enroll you in the CLASS Homeschool Academy. For more information on the CLASS program, click here. Please click on a course title in the table below to see its description and a book preview. (Note: Book preview...

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