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Grade 12

Shop twelfth grade curriculum and products.

  • Kit shown with the Manual of Christian Doctrine option.

    Grade 12 CLP Curriculum Kit

    NOTE: Purchasing this kit will NOT enroll you in the CLASS Homeschool Academy. For more information on the CLASS program, click here. Please click on a course title in the table below to see its description and a book preview. (Note: Book preview...

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  • Hunger Winter - Student Exercises

    Hunger Winter - Student Exercises

    This booklet provides language arts and history/social science activities that will transform Hunger Winter from simply being an enjoyable story into something more. Activities are grouped around eight-chapter blocks from the story and include vocabulary...

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  • The Book of Job Unfolded, 2nd edition

    Book of Job Unfolded, 2nd edition

    This commentary takes a thorough and scholarly look at the fascinating life of Job. So much benefit can be derived from studying the book of Job, but many young people are afraid they will not understand it. In this reprint of a classic title, Job's life...

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  • CLASS Lesson Planner, 4th edition

    CLASS Lesson Planner, 4th edition

    This popular planner has been extensively revised and updated to meet the particular needs of today's home educators. While formatted similar to a classroom teacher's planner, it also includes suggestions for developing lesson plans, organizational...

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  • Cultural Geography, 5th edition - Test Packet

    Cultural Geography, 5th edition - Tests

    Twenty-four tests use multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, map-work, short answer, and essay questions to evaluate a student's comprehension of the Cultural Geography course material. Subject: Geography Suggested Grade:...

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  • Cultural Geography, 5th edition

    Cultural Geography, 5th edition

    After a discussion of what geography is and the tools used to study it, Cultural Geography begins by looking at the world as a whole—its physical characteristics, climate, and people. It then turns to an examination of the earth continent by...

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  • Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking, Christian Liberty edition

    Honest Money, Christian Liberty Edition

    Using the Bible as his "blueprint," Dr. North examines the financial crisis we are facing by addressing topics such as: the value and origins of money, currency debasing and how it is equivalent to having unjust weights, how inflation (i.e., "corrupt...

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  • The Federalist

    Federalist (Hardbound edition)

    If you want to appreciate the meaning of the original Constitution and the intent of the Constitutional Convention, it is crucial that you read The Federalist. Originally written under the shared pseudonym of "Publius" as a series of essays in support...

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  • Geometry, 4th edition - Christian Liberty Test Packet

    Geometry, 4th edition - Test Packet

    Five tests use objective, fill-in-the-blank, equation solving, proofs, and more to evaluate a student's comprehension of the Bob Jones's Geometry course material. An answer key is also included. Subject: Geometry Suggested Grade: 10th -...

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