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Grade 2

Shop second grade curriculum and products.

  • Second Grade CLASS Administration Plan Enrollment

    Grade 2 CLASS Plan Enrollment

    CLASS Administration Plan enrollments are for families who want homeschool their children, but also desire the advantages of being enrolled in a school where official records are maintained, and report cards, transcripts, and diploma are available...

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  • Second Grade Family Administration Plan Enrollment

    Grade 2 Family Plan Enrollment

    Family Administration Plan enrollments are for families who want to be totally independent, but are concerned that the curriculum materials selected (and the subjects being studied) will provide a solid Christian education and prepare their children for...

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  • Kit shown with the English 2 and Liberty Mathematics B options.

    Grade 2 CLP Curriculum Kit

    NOTE: Purchasing this kit will NOT enroll you in the CLASS Homeschool Academy. For more information on the CLASS program, click here. Please click on a course title in the table below to see its description and a book preview. (Note: Book preview...

    $217.85 - $246.75
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  • A Sure Foundation: Essential Bible Truths for Children

    A Sure Foundation

    This Bible study workbook helps young children grasp basic Christian doctrines. Students are presented with key catechism questions in each unit, and are guided into specific Bible readings, comprehension exercises, and questions that relate to the...

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  • Adventures in Phonics: Level C, 2nd edition

    Adventures in Phonics: Level C, 2nd edition

    The last in our Adventures in Phonics series, Book C finishes the formal study of phonics. It reviews sounds, blends, digraphs, and diphthongs. It also covers prefixes and suffixes, plurals, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, apostrophe usage, syllables,...

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  • Arithmetic 2

    Arithmetic 2

    Arithmetic 2 is a colorful workbook, presenting math concepts in an orderly manner. It builds on prior learning and includes consistent year-long review. It covers topics such as counting, place value, addition and subtraction, money, time, graphs,...

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  • Arithmetic 2 - Teacher's Manual

    Arithmetic 2 - Teacher's Manual

    This teacher's manual is designed to "get you started" teaching Arithmetic 2. It starts by looking at the components of a daily math lesson (what you and your student should include in each day's class). It then identifies where you will find the...

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  • Arithmetic 2 - Test Packet

    Arithmetic 2 - Test Packet

    Eight tests check for comprehension of the various concepts being taught in Arithmetic 2, including addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, counting, time, money, place value, greater than and less than, measurement, fractions, and more...

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  • Beautiful Stories for Children

    Beautiful Stories for Children

    For those who have already mastered the fundamentals of phonics, Beautiful Stories for Children is a perfect way to expand your child's love for reading. Short, moral stories and poems (updated and revised from the Sanders' Union Reader Number Two)...

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