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Grade 6

Shop sixth grade curriculum and products.

  • God's Gift of Language C, 3rd edition

    God's Gift of Language C, 3rd edition

    This work-text continues the student's review of the parts of speech, capitalization, and punctuation, as well as the use of sentence diagramming. It also furthers study of the writing process by teaching the student about different types of sentences...

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  • Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West

    Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West

    The trailblazer known as Jed Smith was a daring explorer, a skilled trapper, and a dedicated Christian frontiersman. As a young man, he dared to live his God-given dreams, and, as a result, blazed a trail of achievement and honor throughout much of the...

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  • Huguenot Garden

    Huguenot Garden

    The Huguenot Garden is a novel about a pair of young French girls in seventeenth-century France. Members of a French Protestant household, they and their family suffer through the religious persecution of Louis XIV. Readers will learn about the joys...

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  • Children of the Covered Wagon

    Children of the Covered Wagon

    The Oregon Trail during the mid-1800s was a long and dangerous path to the west, filled with treacherous river crossings, scorching heat, mountainous terrain, and hostile inhabitants. None but the hearty and adventurous dared to make the journey, for...

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  • Developing Better Reading

    Developing Better Reading

    This remedial phonics workbook is a 30-day course designed to provide students in grades three and up with a systematic review of the fundamentals of phonics. Older students and adults who have struggled with phonics principles will also profit from...

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  • Hunting for Whales

    Hunting for Whales

    This novel presents a fascinating account of two young men, from very different backgrounds, who experience the adventure of whaling during the mid-nineteenth century. It is not only a story of adventure and hardship on the high seas, but also a tale...

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  • The Life of General Stonewall Jackson - PDF Download

    Life of General Stonewall Jackson - PDF

    Downloadable PDFA link to download this product will appear on your order confirmation. This biography provides readers with a lively account of the exploits of Thomas Jackson, both prior to and during the War Between the States. Individuals who read...

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