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  • Hunger Winter

    Hunger Winter

    In late 1944, as the Nazis seek to stamp out all opposition in the Netherlands, 13-year-old Dirk becomes the man of the house when his papa becomes one of many who join the Dutch Resistance. After the Gestapo arrest his older sister, Dirk awakens one...

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  • The Door in the Wall

    Door in the Wall

    Set in medieval England, this timeless classic tells the story of a young boy named Robin who, after losing the use of his legs, must persevere to find new ways to serve his king when danger threatens the castle. Subject: Reading Suggested...

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  • Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, 2nd edition

    Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, 2nd edition

    Follow the adventures of two orphaned teenage brothers who grow up as Confederate soldiers during the War Between the States (the Civil War). Challenged to defend their homeland against overwhelming odds, they learn a great deal about themselves and...

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  • The Life and Legacy of Saint Patrick

    Life and Legacy of Saint Patrick

    Over sixteen hundred years ago, a young teenager living in Roman Britain was kidnapped by Celtic raiders and forced to live as a slave in Ireland. After several years of hardship, this young slave escaped and eventually made his way back home. It was...

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  • Huguenot Garden

    Huguenot Garden

    The Huguenot Garden is a novel about a pair of young French girls in seventeenth-century France. Members of a French Protestant household, they and their family suffer through the religious persecution of Louis XIV. Readers will learn about the joys...

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  • Children of the Covered Wagon

    Children of the Covered Wagon

    The Oregon Trail during the mid-1800s was a long and dangerous path to the west, filled with treacherous river crossings, scorching heat, mountainous terrain, and hostile inhabitants. None but the hearty and adventurous dared to make the journey, for...

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  • Hunting for Whales

    Hunting for Whales

    This novel presents a fascinating account of two young men, from very different backgrounds, who experience the adventure of whaling during the mid-nineteenth century. It is not only a story of adventure and hardship on the high seas, but also a tale...

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