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  • Through the Skies

    Through the Skies

    This reader is a collection of stories and poems that include character-building truths. Basic vocabulary building and an introduction to the parts of a story are included; Think About It questions appear at the end of most selections. Subject:...

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  • Fun with Friends

    Fun With Friends

    Christian character traits are highlighted in this collection of stories that develop phonics skills and introduce basic literary terms. Think About It questions are included at the end of each story. Subject: Reading Suggested Grade:...

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  • Exploring God's Creation, 2nd edition

    Exploring God's Creation, 2nd edition

    This new and completely revised text exposes the student to basic science concepts such as physics, chemistry, geology, botany, astronomy, weather, biology, and health through simple experiments and activities. Subject: Science Suggested...

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  • The Federalist

    Federalist (Hardbound edition)

    If you want to appreciate the meaning of the original Constitution and the intent of the Constitutional Convention, it is crucial that you read The Federalist. Originally written under the shared pseudonym of "Publius" as a series of essays in support...

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  • Geometry, 4th edition - Christian Liberty Test Packet

    Geometry, 4th edition - Test Packet

    Five tests use objective, fill-in-the-blank, equation solving, proofs, and more to evaluate a student's comprehension of the Bob Jones's Geometry course material. An answer key is also included. Subject: Geometry Suggested Grade: 10th -...

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  • Geometry, 4th edition – Teacher's Edition

    Geometry, 4th edition - Teacher's Edition

    This two-volume teacher's edition for Geometry shows reduced-size images of all of the pages in the student text overlaid with the answers to the exercises (often with reference to where the solution can be found). Surrounding each student page are...

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  • Geometry, 4th edition

    Geometry, 4th edition

    This text provides a balanced study of proofs, theorems, and real-life applications of geometry. The text presents concepts in a step-by-step process with plenty of helpful examples. It walks the student step-by-step through the basic concepts of angles...

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